Thursday, August 24, 2017

Side notes: Shoemaking - More action... less talk

I am posting less often.  With fewer words.  Doing the work, instead of spending so much time talking about it. I'm entering a different season of my work life.  It continues to unfold.

So, here's today's point. We don't have to rely on factories.  Of course you can choose to rely on factory made anything, from your clothes to your dinner... or... you can choose NOT to. Your choice.  Roam wherever your creativity takes you.  

After experimenting, I have found that the best shoe glue for my purposes comes from Home Depot, which is a very short and convenient drive for me. Yay!

More and more these days, I'm seeing that supplies are both findable and affordable, if you know (or get creative, and think out of the box a bit) where to look.

Below, find a weird list of links and things that have nourished my creative brain on my shoemaking journey thus far...

For inspiration, take a look at these websites:

Other tips (based on my own experience):

Consider the heel and sole carefully - they do the work when walking.

Consider the technique - stitching has to be done properly to stay strong and to do it's job!

Consider safety and closures.  After all, there is nothing more vain than fashion-related injuries.

Enjoy the journey, if you're on it!  If not, decorate a pair you already own!  If not, love the ones you've got, and don't concern yourself with my weird obsession!

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