Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring and Summer Bargain Fabric Roundup

Cut Fabrics on W. 38th Street, where I found a white terry that's perfect.

I've been trolling the Garment District these past two weeks, just to see what's out there for spring and summer fabrics at bargain prices. Here's what has caught my eye:

Chic Fabrics:  Check out their silk prints, cotton jerseys, cotton prints, border prints

H&M Fabrics: Decent selection of cotton prints, including some heavier weight cotton suitable for coats and jackets

Fabrics for Less: Found hot pink terry cloth there for $5/yd, but after three washings it was still bleeding like crazy and felt rough to the touch.

Spandex House: Seersucker lycra that looks just like cotton woven seersucker, plus denim knit

Cut Fabrics (across from Spandex House): White lasered terry cloth knit, perfect for beach coverups and just what I was looking for! Very soft and lightweight. $8/yd.

Paron's Annex: Many lightweight blends in the $4/yd barrel suitable for summer projects. I bought five yards of a viscose blend that I plan on making a long circle skirt out of.

NY Elegant Fabrics: They do have madras here [NY Sewer] but it's pricey ($25/yd, if memory serves). Good selection of cotton prints in spring and summer colors, but no bargains here.

Gray Line Linen: Best source of linen in all colors and weights, excellent prices for the quality.

What have you seen out there that you'd like fellow fabric shoppers to know about? Please share here.


  1. I literally sigh every time you post a photo of all that fabric goodness. How I'd love to live close to the Garment District and have an unlimited budget to play there!

  2. Great ideas! I've been snapping up pretty cotton florals at AK Fabrics for a mere $7/a yard.

  3. This week, Groupon NYC is offering a deal for Mood Fabrics - $15 for $30! This deal is on for 6 more days, and is for in-store only.

  4. HI Meg, where is Gray Line Linen? I looked on your map, but they aren't there. I've never heard of them and I love linen, wrinkles and all.

  5. Nancy - Gray Line Linens is at 260 West 39th Street (between 7/8 Aves) if I am not mistaken. You can find some linen at Ebad Fabrics at 550 8th Ave (btw. 37th / 38th Streets). Good luck!

    Meg - thanks for posting your finds!

  6. Thank you for the information about the madras.

    To return to the discussion about New York Elegant Fabrics for a minute, I forgot to mention that when I was about to buy corduroy, someone suggested Fabrics For Less. I ended up buying the material at NYEF because it was a bit closer than FFL, and I've sometimes had issues with discount fabric stores.

    Given what you said about the terry cloth, I guess FFL can be hit or miss.

    New York Sewer

  7. fangaroni:

    Thank you for the Groupon tip. I missed it. It's a good enough deal for me to take two aspirin and brave the crowds at Mood.

    Generally related to sales:

    I recently learned that if you take a class at The City Quilter (West 25th Street east of Seventh Avenue) you get a 15% discount for class supplies and other purchases within a certain period; certain restrictions apply.

    Their classes are very reasonably priced, the store has a nice notions section, and it's open on Sunday.

    I have no interest in quilting, but I've bought many supplies there.

    New York Sewer

  8. I am sew jealous of you because of the garment district. I live in Pittsburgh and although not that far away, it would still be costly to travel with hotel fees,gas and food and all that money could be used to shop for fabric!!!!

  9. Cut Fabrics is a new store name to me. I don't think I've ever bought anything there. Wow -- look at that wide aisle, with room to swing a shopping bag! And not too big of a chance of causing bolts to fall like dominoes if you moved one. (Not that I've ever made that happen...)

    I have a hard time, between trips, keeping up with some of the smaller stores in the GD. I'm just as surprised to see some still there each trip as I am to see some gone, with a different fabric store popped up there instead. I try to pick up a business card from every store, but still, some have changed names/ownership between my trips. I need to make a comprehensive, updated list of stores BY STREET (and by side of street) next time I'm there.

    Gray Line Linens is not far from the 8th Ave. intersection, on the south side (even numbered side) of the street. If you're walking down 39th from 7th towards 8th, it will be on your left, towards the 8th Ave. end of the street. Their website is It's a nice store, and I think their prices are reasonable. They had bolts that started at $4 a yard last time I was in.

    Leslie, as far as cost, I try to make my trips as affordable as possible by using hotel rewards points, splitting any room cost with a travel companion, buying food from a grocery store (or bringing some stuff from home), and taking advantage of the hotel's free buffets and in-room kitchenette. Still, it's a real treat to shop there in person & I try to make the most of it when I'm in the city. Been saving my allowance for another trip soon...

  10. This is why I can't come to New York right now. You're killing me with the denim knit.


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