Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attention Fabric Shoppers: Cotton Prices Going Up

"But at the mass-market level, every garment is as much a product of a spreadsheet as the muse, and right now the former is showing cotton prices up 126 percent from last July. That translates to about a dollar more per raw pound—a jump of approximately $2.12 for a pair of dungarees." —New York Magazine
Whenever I have a rare chance to talk with fabric store owners, this is what I hear: The price of fabric is going up. And up. For a better researched perspective, read Trouser Math: Cotton Inflation Means More Skinny Jeans in this week's New York Magazine. And while I'm personally not a proponent of building a fabric stash, now's the time to buy if you see fabric you like at a reasonable price….


  1. Same applies to cotton yarns too, unfortunately. I"m trying to finish up a granny square tunic made with 100 percent mercerized cotton. Need to finish it asap just to beat price increases on Takhi cotton.

  2. How funny - I attended a class taught by Connie Crawford about a year ago and she said something similar - don't expect palazzo pants, high waists or anything requiring extra fabric to be "in" any time soon.

    I may have to forward this article to my husband and then go on a cotton binge. LOL.

  3. It seems like we've been hearing about this for awhile. I guess it goes well with all the other gloom, doom, and despair with high gas prices and such!

  4. This is where quilters have an advantage, because we're all about having a stash. Mine started over 15 years ago. I quit counting a few years later when it hit 2000 pieces. I have no idea how many pieces I have now, but it fills my sewing room cabinets & shelves. It's all organized by color, and by tint/tone/shade within that color. It's my big box of crayons with which I color.

    So even if cotton prices rise, I have happily reached SABLE-hood -- Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.


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