Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reader Question: Quality Silk Fabric

A reader asks:
I read much of your blog regarding fabric stores in NYC, but I wasn't sure exactly where to start. I am looking for a good/best quality heavy silk fabric to make a dress to wear to the office—like a slubby shantung. Where would be the best place to start of something of that ilk?  —Christa

Dear Christa,

Silk is one fiber that's easy to find in NYC's Garment District. Mood Fabrics, B&J Fabrics, NY Elegant Fabrics and Rosen & Chadick Fabrics all have decent selections of silks, including slubby shantungs. Prices will typically start in the $20/yard range and go up to $50/yard or more, depending on the weight of the fabric. However, on W. 39th Street you can usually find silk shantung and other silks for prices far lower than those at the bigger stores. These days I am loving the beautiful silk prints and solids at Chic Fabrics, including charmeuses by Tahari and Nanette Lepore that I believe are around $12.95 a yard. (If I can find the right blouse or tunic pattern I am definitely going back for a couple of yards of these.) Other stores on W. 39th carry silks as well, so you may want to start on W. 39th first—look for bargains—before you proceed to Mood and the others I mentioned.

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  1. Good question (at least for me) and a very helpful answer.

    Thanks a lot.

    New York Sewer

    P.S. Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I recently bought Claire Shaeffer's DVD on Couture sewing basics.


    Even though I know a lot more than when I bought the first edition of her book, "Couture Sewing Techniques," I found this DVD very helpful. Much of the information would be useful for beginner and intermediate sewers.

    As many of the bloggers I follow undoubtedly know, a revised edition of "Couture Sewing Techniques" is coming out soon. I look forward to some reviews.



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