Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bolts and Bolts of New Fabric at Elliott Berman Textiles

Do we mind stepping over bolts of fabric? Not when they're as fabulous as these are!

I paid a well-timed visit yesterday to my friends Eugenia and Mathew at Elliott Berman Textiles yesterday, as their warehouse is positively overflowing with bolts and bolts of new fabric. Eugenia graciously took time from processing shipments to show me some of the splendid fabric Mathew acquired on recent trips. Many designer names were mentioned, including Chanel and Calvin Klein. I exercised great restraint and only walked away with two yards of a summery knit, while my friend Carolyn added seven yards to her burgeoning stash. I'd recommend heading over to EB soon, as many of these bolts are already earmarked for other fabric stores and online sellers. If you only need a small amount—like two yards or less—Mathew can usually part with that before he sends the bolt to its destination. And tell Eugenia and Mathew you are a reader of Shop the Garment District and that I sent you!


  1. Oh dear. Just when I thought I had put the brakes on my fabric shopping, along comes this...

  2. Please go and go soon! I had to show restraint only buying 7 yards but they are seven of the prettiest pieces of fabric!

  3. I loved EB the first ond only time I visited there. I, too, had to exercise great restraint!


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