Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Nancy, Snap Installer Extraodinaire

Nancy helping a customer with fabric-covered buttons at Steinlauf & Stoller on W. 39th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.

If you need snaps, grommets or eyelets installed, or buttons covered with fabric, Nancy at Steinlauf & Stoller is your go-to person. I think she gets the award for most pleasant person in NYC's Garment District. In fact, there's a sign posted near her desk by S&S management warning customers to not take advantage of her sweet disposition and let the poor woman have her lunch break.

Cost for Nancy's services range from around $1-$2 per item installed or button covered, depending on size. Make sure you clearly mark where you want your snaps or eyelets installed so Nancy can work while you browse for notions and dressmaking supplies at S&S. Most of the time Nancy can complete your job as you wait, but she does get busy and you may need to return later to pick up your garment.

If you've ever tried to install snaps or grommets on your own (a huge pain-in the-you-know-what), you know this is a small price to pay to have Nancy do it for you professionally.


  1. I've never had any work done by Nancy, but she's always seemed extremely nice every time I've visited. I would not hesitate if I needed snaps, etc.

    The shortish, mature lady at Paron's with the glasses has always been pleasant as well.

    New York Sewer

  2. Do you know if she installs rivets as well? I just finished my 1st pair of jeans and had an impossible time with them. I think they are going to fall off! I have 2 more pair to cut and construct, it would be a relief to find someone to do this for me well. Thanks!

    1. She may, but I don't actually know what the limits of her tools are. Definitely try Star Snaps for a wider variety of choices, if Nancy doesn't do them.


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