Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where to Get Your Scissors Sharpened

Westpfal Sharpening Service, 115 West 25th St, between Seventh and Sixth Avenues, NY, NY
Are you good about getting your scissors sharpened regularly? I try to be, since a sharp pair of scissors makes sewing that much easier. Most of the time I use an old-fashioned grinder who comes around my neighborhood when the weather's nice, but those in the know (like Martha Stewart) recommend taking your dull scissors to Westpfal on W. 25th Street (not in the Garment District but close by). I stopped in last week to inquire about prices (approx. $8-$12 per pair, depending on size), and they seem like a nice bunch here. It takes about a day to get your scissors sharpened, so you'll need to be able to come back later to retrieve your pair.

I've seen places on W. 38th between Eighth and Ninth that have signs in their windows saying they sharpen scissors. Anyone used these places and had good/bad results? Let us know.



  1. How often do you get your scissors sharpened, Meg? I think I've done it once for my trusty pair. But I suppose it depends on how often you sew. What I'd really like to know is how those of you with family keep them from using your sewing scissors? I had an instructor who put a lock on hers so her husband wouldn't use hers!! Luckily I only have to worry about the dustmites using mine...

  2. Fear of death keeps family members away from my sewing scissors.

  3. This place must be just down the street from City Quilter. Bet I've walked past it without even noticing!

    I mostly use a rotary cutter these days, not scissors. But I do keep my sewing scissors clearly marked "Fabric" and my other scissors marked "Craft." When my son & my husband tried walking off with my scissors, I trumped them by buying a cheap pair for every room (except the sewing room). I confused them with quantity, LOL!

  4. Getting scissors sharpened is easy - but I have never, ever come across anywhere that sharpens pinking shears. Surely there must be SOMEBODY in the world who does this? I've got a family, vintage pair of pinking shears that are too dull to even cut paper, but I'd love to send them away to be sharpened somewhere...

    Any ideas, Lindsay?

  5. Melissa, I just called Westpfal and they do sharpen pinking shears too! $9.95/per.

  6. A couple of years ago I planned to go to Westphal, but it was moving to another location or something like that. I got my shears sharpened at Steinlauf and Stoller. They sent them out and I got them back in a couple of weeks, if memory serves. The job was fine, but as they were Ginghers, the next time I'll probably send them back to the company for sharpening, which is the recommendation of most people who own that brand.

    New York Sewer

  7. I don't know about anywhere in the Garment District, but if you use Gingher scissors, they have a sharpening and repair by mail service that costs $7.50. The only problem is that you have to part with your scissors for 3 weeks or so. However, when you get them back they are like new!

  8. I've been getting my scissors sharpened at Panda Trading on 38th street for a while now, and they are great. As long as you get them to them by the time they close at 6:30 they are ready the next day--and only $3 a pair for almost everything. They do pinking shears too at $5, but only right handed ones for some reason. They even sharpened some tiny embroidery scissors. Highly recommended!


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