Friday, August 10, 2012

Practicing what I preach...

As you may already know, I regularly make a million runs to the garment district for the things I need/want on a VERY frequent basis.  A few times a week, I need to run here or there to grab this or that, but frankly (and dangerously), this habit is feeding my greed for more stuff.  People often ask me to post things I have created, and I'm never quite sure how valuable that is, since my clients usually want something suited to their own individual tastes and lives, but the bigger point is this: The garment district is constantly changing. The stores are constantly changing. New merchandise is flowing in, flowing out, and new palettes and moods are ever-swirling in this creative stew of an environment.  There is something for everyone, for every shade of taste a person can possibly have.  For every lifestyle.  For every mood.

Today, in the hot summer weather, with a wriggly seven year-old as my sidekick, I ran into the garment district to grab a few things.

Our first stop was SIL Thread, where I grabbed three zippers.  Found EXACTLY what I needed, in the colors I needed, with no problem at all. I didn't need them cut to size, but I'm often amazed at how many people need their zippers cut.  Maybe since I design so many of the things I make myself, I don't worry as much about the specific length as others do.  I typically just design the opening to suit the length I buy. Total elapsed time was less than 5 minutes.

The second stop was Rosen & Chadick Fabrics, for a bit of research for a few upcoming projects.  A wave of inspiration hit, as usual, and I dared to go upstairs to look at some fabrics for fall.  Wow, did I see some gorgeous stuff!

Just ONE of the aisles upstairs on the third floor...

My  gut drew me to these three, specifically.
If you could just FEEL this fabric, you would know why I swooned.

These colors really dance together.

Embroidered plaid.  Yes.

Oh, and I brought a fabric home that we'll talk about later. After the weekend.  Pretty exciting.  Trust me on this.

So, yeah.  With my wiggly 7-year old by my side, we moved on to Pacific Trimming, where I found some notions I needed, and some rings for a piece of crocheted jewelry (yes, seriously) that will continue to haunt me until it is made by my own hands...

This photo is from Vogue Crochet May 2012.  Can you blame me?

And finally, we went to Beads World to find the beads for the above project.  So aptly named.  In this store, I experienced something I almost never do. I was completely overwhelmed.  Trays and trays of beads in endless colors... frantic negotiations between buyers and staff, the specifics of which I can't even begin to understand.  I put my tray and selection down, grabbed my son's hand and left, resolving to try that again another day.  Here's the thing.  I suggest you visit Beads World's website to see what I mean.  Where do I even start with that place?  I can't even form a review yet, because I couldn't even THINK once I walked in. This is not a negative.  I just wasn't ready for it. The point is, my mind's eye needed to see my project, before the vast selection was in front of me.  Lesson learned.

Total elapsed time in the district was 45 minutes.  Over and out!

Thinking about coming on the garment district tour in November?  Follow this link for the deets...


  1. I am jealous. You are in and out of the garment district with top quality finds. You took a seven year old shopping companion to all of the stores and still managed to finish in under an hour. Oh the excitement I'm feeling just thinking of a trip like yours. Thank you for your reviews. I learn from each of your reviews and grow more fonder of the the garment district.

    1. Don't be jealous! It is fabulous, but I am bringing you along to experience it vicariously! And... you can always visit, can't you?

  2. Thanks for the fabric tease, I guess! It's all I can do not to book a plane ticket this summer...

    Beads World made my jaw drop first time I was there, too. But then I realized it's organized pretty well by type of item. I always go right to the metal stampings & charms section. They have better prices than I'd have to pay locally & they carry things I could never find here. The staff watches customers like hawks there, so I always keep my tray & my hands visible, and don't make any sudden moves. ;)

    You might want to try Toho Shoji on 6th for those beads. I've found some unique imported beads there. There was a new bead store almost across the street from them, too, that opened last summer. And of course, there are 3 or 4 stores in a row in the little block between 38th & 39th on 6th, just up the street.

    1. Thank you for the bead suggestions! I have seen all of the stores, but I have to do some imagination work in my own head before I can confront such an overwhelming selection again!


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