Friday, January 11, 2013

Last week in the Garment District

On a cold and beautiful day last week, I led a sewing and designing friend/colleague through the garment district, showing her some great resources for her business as she builds her line.

Let me tell you, as much as I promised myself that not a CENT would leave my pocket as I led her through stacks and rows and piles of fabulousness, there I was, yet again... lured in my the fabulousness I found.  While I can't won't tell you exactly where we went, since that is what "Speakeasy tours" are for, I can tell you that it was fabulous and productive!

Oh, and something what I can must tell you....

One of the stops we made, was Metro Textiles... at the most serendipitous moment ever.  He just got in a HUGE quantity of fabric... and I do mean HUGE.  The variety is fascinating, and, dare I say overwhelming even, but the prices are a dream, and I just couldn't help myself... Yes... just a few new fabrics have joined me here in my workspace.  No worries, though... I know what they will be already... umm... eventually... so I "just" have to fire up the machine and get them done.

So yeah.. this time it's green! You've seen it before - but not this way!

A weathered camo that calls out to be embellished with something ragged and pink.  Trust me.

Seriously, Kashi at Metro is going to drown in beautiful fabric if we don't rescue him soon.  Go visit, and I dare you to leave empty-handed... and not even at HIS suggestion.  Your own heart will focus in on something, and it will cling to you! (Not in a "static -y" way, of course.  That would be unpleasant.) It can't be helped!


  1. I've never left Metro empty-handed. Never. I don't know what it is about Kashi, but I lose all self control in that store. Naturally, I haven't been back since August. Must change that. You're a horrible influence, Mimi. Just dreadful. (If I were one for emoticons, I'd use the smiley one here.)

    Fabulous fabric selection, per usual.

  2. The idea of going to that spot and not spending a dime sounds completely impossible. I hope you have room for a large stash. :)

    1. From now on, I will only escort people if I enter Metro blindfolded!

  3. I love Kashi and would never want him to in peril, surrounded by all those beautiful yards of fabric! I guess I'll have to make a quick trip over there =)

  4. LOL. Great post! I shall have to make some time to help unbury Kashi!

    1. Yes. We need all troops to go in and rescue him, pronto!


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