Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fashion Institute of Technology Noncredit Certificates

What happens when you study color theory... I'm guessing...

As always, I got very excited when I saw the brochure for the FIT Fall 2014 Continuing and Professional Studies course offerings arrive this year.  A perpetual student, I love to explore the enormous fashion industry and all of its players, and I am just wowed by how the ever-changing nature of the business changes what courses are being offered.

I'm being careful not to bury the lead... you can take some of these classes online.  Yes, I said ONLINE! Follow this link to learn more. Not only that, but there's still time, since orientation hasn't even happened yet!

Wanna ago?

It's Monday, September 15 5:45 - 7PM
John E. Reeves Great Hall (on FIT's campus)

You will need to call to RSVP at 212-217-7715

Fall 2014 

Look into it!

Here are a few highlights below, after which, I will guide you to FIT's own social media sites for more info.

First of all, they are offering a Sustainability Certificate - 6 courses and FutureLab to complete. This is exciting. Read yesterday's post if this if you are interested in exploring this important issue.

Fashion Marketing: China - this workshop helps guide you through developing a marketing strategy for this often misunderstood market.

Color Specialist: Fashion and Home Products/ Image and Style
I am particularly intrigued by "How Color Gets to Market"

The Social Media, Software, E-Commerce and Mobile classes look wonderful.

There is so much more... I can't write it all here.  You'll have to explore for yourself.

Stay Connected to FIT by following them here:

Enterprise Center (Business focus)
Professional Studies

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