Monday, September 15, 2014

Thinking Spring... already?

Well, you can certainly fabric shop well in advance.  And if you plan to make things, you are actually planning your winter activities with Spring in mind!

So, click here to see what Spring will bring! And see the blog for expert analysis and artistic descriptions/explorations.

A darker combination of Glacier Gray, Aquamarine, and Scuba Blue were used in the waterfall dress I designed, before I knew this was "the thing".  Again, I find myself out of synch with the forecast, a few months too early!

My new inspiring colors are not part of the palette, though.  I'm feeling butter yellow (paler, yet sunnier than custard)...

 and electric blue (more intense than Scuba) these days!

Glad there's room in NYC's color palette for each person's own take!

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