Thursday, September 11, 2014

October 17 Speakeasy tour

*Reposting - reminder for all interested*

Another general shopping Speakeasy tour is scheduled for October 17, 2014.  This is by far, the time of year when most people are interested in doing a Speakeasy tour!  If asked, I/we will do custom tours before that date.

Itinerary below:

 A group reservation for lunch at 1PM will be made, and is optional for anyone who wishes to join (note the "with" or "without" lunch prices). If you decline lunch at this time, it is still your option to come along with us, but you will be responsible for your own lunch bill.

10AM - 1PM - 

Shopping (will include several very special fabric and trimming stores with a wide variety of offerings suitable for many different purposes/types of garments.)



2PM - until end of business day

Armed with your "Secret Map" and your own interest in or desire to visit the many other stores you see or have learned about, you may visit more garment district stores if you wish, and give unique codes (that you'll get from me) to vendors who will give special assistance/discounts.
The cost of this guided, efficient tour is $80 per person with lunch (yes, there has been a slight price increase - lunch is a bit pricier that it was 2 years ago!), or $60 without lunch. If you use this trip to shop and participate in what NYC has to offer, you will save and learn at least as much as you are paying.  bring your patterns, ideas and plans along for advice and opinions!

Wanna come? Click here, send payment, and the details on meeting time/place will be provided.  Payment is only accepted via PayPal (you do not need a Paypal account), credit or debit card. No cash, personal checks, or additional payments will be accepted on the day of the tour. The trip will involve a good amount of walking, so come prepared, and healthy.


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