Monday, June 13, 2016

Unifiormity exhibit at FIT

The omnipresence of uniforms has shaped our ways of seeing.
-Jennifer Craik (fashion historian) 

Updated: This weekend I saw the Uniformity exhibit, and am updating this post accordingly.  This exhibit isn't a collection of stale uniforms; it actually takes the time to show the uniform's influence on design details, structure, and fabrics used in fashion. It is an intelligent conversation between fashion, inclusion, exclusion and function, worth seeing for a cerebral dose if fashion education.  Less eye-candy than most FIT exhibits, this one will appeal to the thinker/technician/designers among you.

Historically, the exhibit reacher as far back as 1895 (a dress with a "middy" collar) to pieces as modern as a Chanel Fall 2015 "Brasserie Gabrielle" ensemble.  If you think like I do, the featured garments will challenge your definition of what a uniform actually is, and how we identify it. Designed to both fit in and stand out, uniforms are important markers in our daily lives.

*Trumpet blares First Call/Reveille...

You awake from a deep slumber...

A stern voice announces -

"There is a new exhibit at the FIT Museum. 

Uniformity is its name."

Check it out by clicking the link here.  Then, schedule yourself accordingly, and go! And that's an order!

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  1. Thanks---I'm planning on seeing this and the Met exhibit this Saturday.


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