Thursday, June 2, 2016

Confirmation bias - a Teen's Perspective, a Prince tribute,.and a challenge...

In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias (or confirmatory bias) is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.
In the wake of Prince's death... My daughter watched the news and wondered aloud if the fact that he could play 20 different instruments skillfully as a kid meant he would grow up to be "Prince"...

My daughter's most recent self-portrait

Not that I am comparing my sewing/design abilities to his musical talents, but my relatives love to tell me stories about how I made doll clothes or other creations when I was little. Of course, by now, I should be a grand designer for some major enterprise... Sure, I get it.

But I also loved to count stacks of change and roll them up in paper wrappers.  It felt wonderful, since family members were always dropping coins, leaving them lying around like garbage... until... I would take them to the bank. (I have a large family)  Yet, I am not a banker.

I fanatically experimented with my EZ Bake Oven, yet I am not a pastry chef.

I can look at my daughter's drawings and conclude that she will pursue an artistic career.  And maybe not. My daughter elaborated on her point by adding this...

If I become a nutritionist, you'll say... "Even as a small child, she REALLY loved her vegetables!"

But here's where it all comes together.

The thing I have always loved about designing/creating/sewing, is that it is not required to follow any rules.  While I consider the practical aspects (can I wash it, can I move and do things in it) I do not feel restricted by the "rules" of a garment.  Nor does my daughter.

I would like to continue to celebrate that.  We'll consider it our Prince tribute challenge.  (I have always been an insane Prince fan)

My daughter and I are designing garments for her own wardrobe that do not conform to anyone's rules about what they should be.  this will be fun...


  1. so fun... my niece just introduced me to that guy a few days ago, and here he is again!

    1. Only a few days ago? You're talking about my whole life as a fan! Ha!


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