Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mode-ular. A Gen Z perspective

It's okay if the title makes you uncomfortable.  One thing I am grateful to my Generation Z kids for is the introduction of new vocabulary.

Today, courtesy of my boy "tween", or that strange middle-school no-man's-land of kid maturity... I introduce you to this tech wizard (video below), who my son adores, and hangs on his every word.  His brilliant explanations are truly food for technological thought, and, now that I've started listening, too, inspiring in the creative world as well.

Whether you choose to watch the video below, choose NOT to watch it, or this kind of thing doesn't speak to you, just know that he is explaining "modular" smartphones, and why the idea of having elements of a device that can be switched out is highly practical and desirable.

And because design and making things is always on my mind, the idea of things being "switch-out-able" has long appealed to me...

My term?

"MODE" (fashion) - ULAR.

I've been thinking more about the practical things I make, and how the fashion element of an entirely practical item can be switched out or modified to make the item so much more versatile.

Examples so far:

So it seems I am already into this idea of MODE-ULARITY.  I doubt that will change any time soon...


  1. I can see why your son hangs on his every word: I thought I'd watch a minute or two and then watched the whole thing!

    1. Yeah. He's fascinating, actually. And he doesn't talk down to the viewer.


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