Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Navigating the New York City garment district... you never know what you'll find...

Yes, you can find THIS in the district...

And plenty of fabric stores, too!

Yes, we call it the "garment district", but wandering up and down the Manhattan streets the name designates, you wouldn't be wrong to simply call it the continuation of foot traffic, street traffic, noise, and office buildings, crowded with as many food vendors, corporate offices and novelty retail stores as you'll find anywhere else in this city.  


in-between, behind, and above all of those stores, you will find the magical vendors I so adore.

I was inspired to write this post after reading a great note from one of my blog readers today.  In it, she wrote:

...back in March, I traveled to NY from DC/BALTIMORE area on a trip that had been planned for months. I had your map in hand and I had gone through each store description, made lists of hours, lists of exactly what I was looking for, prioritized stores by times etc. I had one day in the GD, as me and my BF had the other days together to do other activities. One other detail...I was sick as a dog with a sinus infection, but determined! Your map saved me! I hit 19-22 stores in one day, came back with (or shipped) fabric and hard to find notions, dyes, zippers, bra making supplies etc. Thank you so much...your maps are the BEST! 

I thank you for that...  You made my day.

I am very happy to give people the information they need, and love keeping updated maps available to all who want to plan shopping trips to the district, even if you use the information to lead your own group! I created the maps from my own experiences in the district, and offer guidance regarding the strengths of the stores featured on them.

The maps are meant to be research and navigation tools, portable and easy, but not meant to be blown up and printed out, as it would be too crowded, and the locations need to be "clickable" to be useful. 

My suggestion, especially if you are uncomfortable using a smart phone or I-pad "on the go" to help you navigate, is to choose your destinations before venturing into the district, using the map to create a plan.  It is easy to get overwhelmed while fabric shopping, paralyzed by choices, and frustrated by looking in many places for one illusive find.

So, if you need/want a map, you can find the one to suit you here, or a garment district tour to suit your needs here.

Sending creative love and encouragement to everyone who reads this... Carry on!

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  1. 19-22 stores IN ONE DAY?!! Woah! and with a sinus infection to boot? that is some serious shopping!


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