Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Peeking in...

Original artwork by my daughter

While my daughter's artwork deserves more of a comment than this, I am just without words when I see her drawings now.  So, I simply share this one with you.  Again, she has blown me away.

When I have a moment to take a somewhat leisurely stroll through the garment district, I try to take a peek into the stores that aren't on my regular radar, just to see what's new/what's changed/what inspires...

So, on my way down to City Quilter yesterday (which has since closed) , I popped into Truemart, a store I had incorrectly written off as dying, due to the impossible avalanche of merchandise inside, and apparently incorrect rumors of its imminent demise.

While I would not say that it is a place to go when you have a list of things you are looking for, it is great for a "treasure hunt" excursion, when you have time and an open mind, especially now, since, due to less merchandise in the store, that terrible claustrophobic feeling I referred to in an earlier post has eased.

Too tight of a space to capture a real photograph, this silk caught my eye.
This hoodie-esque fabric called out to me.  It told me loudly what it wants to be.

The prices are still quite fair, although not as fair as they once were.  Still worth a visit!


  1. Thanks for the update; I remember the old store.

  2. Your daughter's drawing is quite lovely---very realistic but still artistic.

  3. Oh wow, I haven't been to TrueMart for a year now, mostly because I go to NYC on Saturdays. Good to know that it's not as jam packed as it has been in the past.

  4. p.s. I meant to add that I have a yard of that gray hoodie fabric! My friend Anne bought some from Kashi last summer and then gave me a yard of it for a shrug but I kind of think my yard of it wants to be layered as a yoke on a dress or something.


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