Thursday, August 18, 2016

Through the eyes of another...

Pop quiz: Lemme know if you remember that I posted about the magical allure of this fabric in the past.  Notice that someone else mentioned it, too (see below). In a district this large, with mountains of merchandise, how amazing is it that we could all fall in love with the same fabric? I hope we don't all bump into one another anywhere this fall... It could be embarrassing!

Shams, if don't know already, is such a delight of a sewing personality.  On her blog right now, she has written a series of beautifully enthusiastic posts about her recent visit to New York City, and her exploration of the garment district.  It is as thorough as it is passionate, and I strongly recommend reading it.

Note: She does give me a shout out in her entry #4, but that's not why I'm praising her blog here.  I'm praising it because it is good!


  1. I have been enjoying the posts Shams has been writing. You are right, she is so thorough and soooo enthusiastic! I was just in the GD this weekend and her post last night makes me want to go again, like, today!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Mimi! I am not much of a floral girl, but I LOVE that fabric!!!!!!

    1. Ha! Yes, I think it kinda "defies" floral in the traditional sense, because it is such a unique scene/color/textural delight!

  3. I love that fabric too - last year I bought two yards at Elliot Berman, the day after your tour, Mimi. . . and I have at least one friend who is trying to trick me into giving it to him! It is very alluring fabric!


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