Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Go Elsewhere When It's All Here

Edit: The future of City Source events is in doubt, as the interest and enthusiasm have waned a bit... (4/16/17)

The City Source event at FIT on Tuesday, Jan. 10

On Tuesday FIT, the Garment Industry Development Corporation and the Fashion Center hosted the first annual City Source, a Garment District supplier showcase. I checked it out on my lunch hour and was glad I came: The resources available in NYC's Garment District are just amazing. If you are an emerging designer and you missed this event, well, shame on you and don't miss it next year. It was a great opportunity to research and build contacts with sample and patternmakers, embroiderers, pleating companies, digital printers and more. About fifty vendors filled FIT's Great Hall.

Digital printing and CAD studio LTS Design. That pink-and-green print in the back just screams Beach Tunic 2012 to me.

Gorgeous beading and embroidery by New York Embroidery Studio. The way to make a simple sheath dress look like a million bucks.


  1. I attended. Some places I'd heard of (Stanley Pleating, Midtown Paper), others were new. You could always post a link to a PDF with the list of the vendors.

    I also attended the Premiere Vision show, but felt a little in over my head there. Saw Andre of Project Runway fame at the exit and suppressed my impulse to crack a joke about chiffon. He seemed very nice.

  2. Meg
    Thanks for this great summary! So wish I could have made the trek north! I loved your comment about the pink and green print screaming to you from across the room! I have to say that I thought of you immediate when I saw the print!!

    Thanks again!


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