Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Not Sew a Winter Coat for Your Dog?

McCalls 6455

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I'm a big proponent of sewing your own winter coat. Why not make one for your beloved pet too? My dog has a Lands End fleece coat but it's just not heavy enough for the bitter cold we experienced in NYC this week. So I ordered this pattern yesterday from McCalls and am thinking about what fabrics to use to get the right amount of warmth for my Ralph. Probably some quilted nylon from A.K. Fabrics, possibly some neoprene fleece I bought two years ago from Mood Fabrics, maybe a little tweed for British style? (When I put Ralph's coat on him for a walk my husband always tells him the other dogs will beat him up for looking less than macho, but we just ignore him.) Pacific Trimming has loads of reflective trim in all sizes and colors, which is especially important for walks after dark.

Have you ever made a dog coat before? Any suggestions for me and other dog-loving STGD readers are greatly appreciated. Stay warm!

My colleague Marianne's dog Duchess wearing the fabulous coat that talented New Zealand sewer Christine Thompson custom made out of red leather and a sporty plaid lining. Christine is Marianne's aunt and this coat was a wedding gift for Marianne and her new husband. When Duchess wears this coat all the other fashionista dogs in NYC are so jealous of her!


  1. I've used plaid flannel lined with fleece, rainshed style twill lined with fleece, double-sided hot pink quilted shiny something. The plaid one I finished off with a poodle applique and embroidered "Daddy's Girl" using my machine. Don't use velcro. Snaps stay fastened better on an active dog.

  2. Annie, thanks! Snaps are a good idea as my dog's fur gets caught in Velcro.

  3. I made a coat for my CAT out of red fleece! Made matching snow boots with that toddler PJ non-slip stuff on the bottom, too. The coat was a hit but my poor cat never could get the hang of the boots. Picture a cat trying to walk with only 2 paws ever touching the ground at any time, and the other 2 up in the air, going "What happened to my feet?!" LOL

    Pick up some studs from M&J or one of those trim places on 38th/39th, if you need a more "macho" look for a dog coat. I got some black & silver over-sized hook & eye tape at Panda Int'l that's pretty punk looking, too.

  4. Don't have dogs or live in a cold climate, but WOW, is that Duchess cute. :) The first picture shows a very masculine coat for a masculine dog. :D

  5. My family wants me to make one of these for our beloved Lola.
    Um.....a coat for a chocolate lab?
    Is that your dog Meg?
    Too stinkin' cute......

  6. I made a sherpa lined coat with this pattern for my IG. It was super easy and I think I'm going to make her another with polartec fleece.


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