Thursday, April 4, 2013


I like to consider myself ahead of the design and color curve, marching to the beat of my own drummer,  making the things that make me happy...

But ultimately, my color moods are likely influenced by the palette I find in the fabric stores, refelecting current and upcoming seasons.  Being "in fashion" isn't important to me, but, out of curiousity, I looked up the Pantone color forecast for spring 2013.  No longer a "forecast", as much as a "currentcast", with the exception of nectarine, the colors don't particularly speak to me.

But what does? Fall 2013, which is EXACTLY where I find myself now...

I am loving the idea of that deep, blood red as my new "neutral".  I would love some shoes that color.

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming post, showing this color and others in some new pieces I've recently made.


  1. Loving those fall colors also, those are where I normally am!! LOL I'm not a pastel kind of girl, I love the deep rich full colors!

  2. "Blood Red", I don't hear that term very much but it's the color red that works for me best too. No orangey undertones, a "true red". That's the one I look for in fabrics, but it is so hard to find.

    1. Rosen & Chadick has a lovely bottom-weight cotton twill in that color right now. Took me a while to find, too!

  3. Guess I'll need to stock up on Tender Shoots and Lemon Zest before fall. Warm (yellow-based) pastels look best on me, and I prefer light colors in my home decor.

    I like watching Pantone color reports & then spotting those colors in clothes or items for the home. I also watch what colors Le Creuset cookware discontinues or introduces. They started selling "Fennel" before Pantone declared "Emerald" to be Color of the Year. Le Creuset's newest color is "Soleil," a soft yellow.

    Years ago, my sewing club had a speaker from the fabric industry who told us about color forecasting & how color trends develop and move around the globe. Fascinating talk! But I still buck trends and try to find what looks best on me, even if that means wearing pink in winter. So if you spot baby pink or light turquoise wool anywhere...

    1. QuiltB, you have NO IDEA how long I have been looking for the perfect dusty rose wool for a winter coat... and it NEVER appears! Seriously! It has been years now!

    2. White wool + give the kids glasses of strawberry Kool-Aid?

      Worked for my sofa years ago! LOL


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