Friday, April 19, 2013

My Ombre Hombre shirt...

Allow me to introduce my new favorite T-shirt!  Rough, extremely easy and casually sewn...

This great ombre signature print T-shirt fabric is from Elliott Berman, and the contrast is from Rosen & Chadick (contrast is also used to make a slim, short skirt to wear with it).  I had the grommets installed at Star Snaps (in just a few minutes, actually... extremely inexpensive... and PERFECTLY), and the lacing is from Daytona Trimming.  Two slightly shaped and zig-zagged rectangles.  That's all it is.

And what does the text mean?  Who knows... who cares?  I like the colors.

Nope.  I'm not one for doing cheeky poses to show pieces on my body.  I'm neither "movie star" nor "Everywoman" - I just prefer to let a piece make its appearance on its own.

The Daytona Trimming salesperson didn't wholeheartedly agree with my choice for the lacing, causing me to second-guess myself... and then I actually found children's shoelaces at Foot Locker that I thought were a more perfect color and weight.  Once the shirt was finished, though, my original Daytona choice was the right one.  I appreciate his input, but the lesson here is: Trust your gut.  Glad I bought it anyway.


  1. Fun top! It's nice to see your sewing here!

  2. Great spelling mistake on the T. "Strenght".

    1. Still fits squarely in the 'nonsense" category for me... with spelling mistake or without! I just love the odd color combo!


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