Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Scoop on the April 12 Speakeasy tour...

It rained... but it didn't dampen our spirits!  We started off easy, going into a store I selected for its unique offerings (Butterfly Fabrics), and continued on to a place where I think everyone temporarily LOST THEIR MINDS...

That place was Elliott Berman, with lots of new fabrics, where we found things so beautiful, they almost left us breathless. Man oh man, was there a matelasse that made every one of us gasp...

At Chic, we found lots of fun things... at unbelievable prices.  And yes, I do mean unbelievable...

At Rosen & Chadick, the group was pretty tired after so much stimulation, but we saw much loveliness.

At Metro Textiles, our buddy Kashi had piles and piles of fabrics to behold, some of which I literally had to peel myself away from!

At Pacific Trimming, we found all sorts of lovely buttons, Riri zippers, accessiories, and tools.  I was personally inspired by the things I saw that I have NO IDEA what to do with!  It really opens you up to creative solutions!

After a lovely lunch, the group was gently led into the wonderland that is Fabrics & Fabrics.  Pretty sure that left everyone speechless.  By the way, you have seen their new website, haven't you?

The next tour is May 24. This tour offers a special discounted "Bring a friend" rate!

Please note that there are some new rules for future tours:

Regarding cancellations:

If you have paid and wish to cancel 7 days or more before date - 100% refund

Fewer than 7 days - 50% refund

If you don't come on the scheduled date or cancel within 24 hours or less - you will forfeit your refund, but can switch reservation to a future tour date.

If I cancel a tour for reasons not related to weather, acts of God or other emergencies, you are entitled to your choice of a full refund, or a future tour.

Come along on a tour!  We have lots of fun!

Note: If you were on this tour, there is only one of you for whom I can't find contact details for the lunch credit I promised you.  (You are one of my NY'ers that day) If you are reading this, please get in touch!


  1. I hope you will still be doing your speakeasy tours when my caregiving comittments are through. I am so envious when each one comes up. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I'll do it as long as it makes sense to do them!

  2. Mimi, My email is Thanks. Mary


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