Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Alert! Friday, July 12 - a different kind of tour...

*Sad to report, this tour has since been cancelled due to a very small number of signups, who have each received refunds or alternative tour dates, as explained in the notes below.

Very special itinerary...

Not a "speakeasy" like the ones I have led so far.  This one has two very specific parts, and a modified version of it will be offered this fall.


You follow me to go scouting for notions and tools.  This educational part of our journey will feature the most interesting and delightful notions and tools stores I know of, with explanations and demonstrations/examples from me and others more knowledgeable than me, for the things that can take both your sewing and efficiency to a higher level.


A special fabric store in the district is stuffed to the gills with glorious fabric right now.  Silks, wools, linings, knits... I was just in there yesterday, and my hands were literally aching from the weight of the sack I brought home!

Well, no one likes to carry excess inventory.  In this hot summer weather, the owner of this great store is offering our group a special by-invitation-only shopping event. And the prices? Oh, the prices... (long silence - that's a good thing, BTW) Special discounts just for us.

*silent weeping*

If you wish, you can label and leave your bag(s) with the store owner, and pick it/them up later in the day.

Do we stop for lunch?  Absolutely! We'll do that at 1PM (included in your fee).

Then, I'll give you a list of other places to visit. And, if you have any energy left, you'll continue...  Otherwise, you'll probably just wanna go home and take a nap!

Wanna come?  Register below!


For general fabric shopping... 

There will also be an October 4, 2013 Speakeasy! This one is for general fabric shopping, with the same timeframe as above, but fabric stores only.

Regarding cancellations:

 If you have paid and wish to cancel 7 days or more before date - 100% refund
 Fewer than 7 days - 50% refund
 If you don't come on the scheduled date or cancel within 24 hours or less - you will forfeit your refund, but can switch reservation to a future tour date.
 If I cancel a tour for reasons not related to weather, newsworthy acts of God or other emergencies, you are entitled to your choice of a full refund, or a future tour.


  1. I'm going to try and make the October 4th for fabric shopping. I need to see if I can tickets to JFK first (I have friends I can stay with). Is there a time restriction on purchasing this for Oct. 4? Will the discount still be available for Oct 4?


    1. There is no time limit on signing up for the October 4 tour. There is a number that would make me call the trio "full", though. The discounts at this particular store (July12 date) are steeper now, because the owner is particularly motivated right now.

    2. I meant "trip", not trio... darn typo...

    3. Oh wow! This sounds fun and fabulous! I'd like to participate in Oct.

    4. Would love to have you in October!


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