Monday, June 3, 2013

Garment/Fashion District Walking Tours

There are lots of walking tours popping up in the fashion district, and I often hear from many of you who may not be part of the die-hard sewing community, but have enough of an interest to take a self-led, historic, or less intense, free, shorter, or smaller tour.

They all help the Garment District (ahem... Fashion Center?) community, so I want to point to some other options for those of you who are interested.

 While I do not have enough information to personally endorse these tours, I can at least give you some information for further research on your own!

 If you would like to come along on one of my Shop the Garment District Speakeasy tours, itineraries and descriptions can be found here. Happy shopping!


  1. I wouldn't suggest shopping while wearing the kind of shoes they show in this video, though -- LOL!

    Seriously -- Interesting video, and nice introduction to the area for someone who may never have visited. Even if you go there by yourself and never leave 38th or 39th Street, you'll see what the area has to offer and you'll help the local merchants. Where else can you leave one fabric/trim store & literally walk next door to another one, the way you can in TGD? I've bought things in NYC that have taken my sewing in whole new directions. A trip there should be on the itinerary of anyone who sews.

    1. Ha! I agree on the shoes! Notice they chose a very quiet moment to shoot...


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