Friday, June 28, 2013

What's new in the Garment District?

Interested in improving your knowledge, but not necessarily getting a degree?

The non-credit courses at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) look fantastic for this summer, and in general, if you are planning future dates.  The credit courses are fantastic, too, but you don't need me to tell you that, I'll bet.

Completely affordable (depending on your outlook), great bang for your buck, and they look so fascinatingly interesting.  Unfortunately, these classes were not in my plan, and thus, don't fit into my schedule or budget at the moment, but someone needs to take them, tell me about them, and let me live the experience vicariously...

There's a July 24 information session at the school, if you want to learn more...



  1. The credit classes at FIT are a much better deal, especially if you are a New York resident and get the in-state rate.

    The classes are longer, you can use the workrooms with industrial sewing machines, overlock machines, and irons until 2 a.m. and free tutoring is available. You can take books and videos of all kinds out of the library and can use the software, computers, and scanners in there and in the computer lab, while qualifying for some student discounts for software. For some classes you can rent a small locker for the term for $10 to store supplies.

    The non-credit classes are best for people with limited time or for a special, of-the-moment topic.

    1. Yes, I have done both, and agree with your description. But, as Joni Mitchell would sing, I've seen the classes from "both sides now", and as much as I love the romantic notion of working until 2AM, life and energy no longer permit that for me. The benefits are valuable, if you can make use of them! Great point, though, that it is great to consider both, and their suitability to your own time and energy limits.

  2. This is indeed a good idea for those who have time to do it, and I like the fact that is affordable for everyone, so the money don’t get in the way of knowledge. I would definitely take this class if I had the time to do so. Thanks for sharing.


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