Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinterest, photographs, movies, fabric tours... dreams

Looking for inspiration?

Do you use Pinterest?

It can be a great tool for organizing your inspiration, and your "for later" projects.  I find it an amazing help in my creative process. When it comes to garment district businesses, the Pinterest page of Fabrics and Fabrics will inspire you...

If you visited the link I just gave you, I'm absolutely amazed you came back!  Pinterest can keep my eyes busy for RIDICULOUS amounts of time.

Okay, moving on... Another bit of food for thought and inspiration, featuring a professional friend of mine, Professor Linda P.

The irony of what I've got on right now as I write this just makes me giggle.

If you haven't already, click the video to view...

So, if your life were a movie, and you were dressing your character, what would you be wearing? Can you imagine it?  If you're already wearing it, and that's typical, I'm not talking to you.  Seriously.  But... If you're not...

Now it's time to decide come along on a NYC Garment District Speakeasy tour (the next big one will be October 4, or you can choose whatever alternative tour fits your needs and budget after viewing the other options).

Let's start making things, and using our imagination...


  1. Re: pinterest. Pretty addictive.

  2. I have a Pinterest account, but I organize my sewing idea images and information related to techniques and supplies in Evernote.

    1. I love Evernote, but that is a much more tighly curated list of ideas and scheduling stuff for me. I like Pinterest because it also feeds me new ideas!

  3. My two main pinterest boards are Latin dress and smooth dresses for ballroom. Don't tempt me into starting one for fabric and patterns I don't already own. If anyone wants to look...

    1. Well, now I've gotta look! Hey, have you made anything from the glorious teal (I think) fabric you got from Kashi on the Speakeasy?

    2. And now I've looked... whoa, Momma... what eye candy! I LOVE it!!!!

    3. I guess you saw the pictures I posted.


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