Thursday, October 24, 2013

All about Kashi... An update on Metro Textile

Metro Textile

265 W 37th St # 908

New York, NY 10018

(Standard business hours are Mon-Fri 9-6)


Well, we know what pictures are worth...

Fall is here in New York City.
This lovely sueded grey fabric, perfect for a dress, skirt, or pants, just called my name...

Metro was the source for this fabric before pleating (on top) and then...

Became this skirt!  If you've been following this blog, you remember.

A while back, I found  a deliciously brown charmeuse and lace combo...
And, using this photo as my inspiration...
I chose to pleat the charmeuse at International Pleating 
and create a blouse inspired by this dress! 
(I decided a blouse was better. I want to sit without crushing the pleats.) 
I really love different versions and color combos of camouflage, 
and this is one I particularly adore... it will be another fall/winter jacket.

And of course I love this... the softest, coziest stretch knit ever...

Hey, I liked the purple, too...  That became a shirt I love.

Here's what you need to know about Metro Textiles' proprietor, Kashi.

No longer a "secret" of the district, it seems, his curatorial eye is just wonderful, and he treats his customers like royalty.  Go in, tell him I sent you, and see what happens... seriously.

Here's the kicker. No one pays me to write these things, run this site, or promote their businesses.  I do it out of genuine love for the businesses and creative supplies the vendors offer, and then I talk about them here. 

I must tell you specifically, that Kashi, the person, is a special case.

Ask him "How are you?" and stay for the story.  He is a deeply caring and faithful man, who has a great, uniquely philosophical outlook on life.  There are plenty of places to go in the garment district, to pick up this or that, but he's got some seriously awesome choices stuffed into that little space, at outrageously great prices.  Visit this store, make your purchase, ask him what's great, what's new, what's special... and he will tell and show you.

To shop here, think garment sewing primarily.  While crafters and home dec enthusiasts will find things there, too, the garment sewing fabrics are far more plentiful.

When you decide to go in and see what he's all about (whether for the first time or as a visitor), do me a few favors please.  Swatching, and we know you mean well, is an incredible time waster.  Fabrics have no expiration date.  You love it, you buy it, that's it.  No need to think endlessly, swatch and sigh, wonder and consider.  Just take the plunge.  I've done that plenty of times. I haven't regretted it.  A good sized stash fuels my creativity. And frankly, a good sized stash is good for you.

It can be overwhelming to be in a small space with lots and lots of fabric, and you may need someone who helps you focus, relax, and isolate what you love.  The store is generally quiet, and Kashi will guide you to what you need/want.

So, here's the thing.  Go.  Don't call, don't call to swatch, don't ponder... just go.  He has got an enormously wide range of things to see.  And crazy affordably. Tell him I sent you. I just have a sliver (but considerably more than I've shown here) of what he's got, but I am truly a fan of that store, and after a visit, you will be, too!  


  1. I never enter a fabric shop with the intention of wasting the owner's time, but it's often necessary to get a swatch. I have to see what's out there first before plunking down a lot on money on something for which I don't have an immediate use. If I'm taking a class, I might have to get the instructor's approval before making the purchase.

    1. That's perfect. Hopefully, no one ever intends to waste a shopowner's time, but some places are more equipped to give the browser more of a museum-like experience. This is a great store for a person who is shopping, rather than exploring, because the inventory is ever-changing.

    2. Understood. I keep meaning to visit, having read a lot of nice things about Kashi over the years.

      I guess I'm in the minority because my stash is fairly small. I try not to buy fabric just to buy fabric as much as I'm tempted to.

  2. I completely agree with your comment that if you like it, just buy it; I'm still regretting NOT buying a piece of the most beautiful black lace that he had there when I finally had the opportunity to go into the city on a shopping trip about 3 years ago. What a beautiful piece that was....sigh.

  3. Mimi, you are so right! Plus, Kashi's prices are so low that you just can't leave without a treat or two for yourself. And he's not happy until you are smiling at having found a special treasure. Turnover there is brisk, so you have to get it when you fall in love with it or it'll be gone, prized away by other sewists.

    Cindy: Creative Hormone Rush

    1. Yes, in fact I should have made a challenge part of this post. I DARE anyone with at least a little bit of money to spend to go, and leave empty-handed!

    2. When I swatch, I usually plan to return in three days or fewer. But I do like to make comparisons, or sometimes need approval of the fabric.

  4. Love Metro and Kashi! Prices are awesome ($6 a yard ponte) and cuts are generous. Shipping is cheap too. No matter how much I buy, it's always $12.95 to ship. :) Plus it is a sewing blogger rite of passage to get a picture taken with Kashi!

    1. Fantastic! I'm sure his shipping is completely fair, but, as always, it depends on what it weighs and where it's going!

  5. I love Metro Textiles! Whenever I go there Kashi treats me the same: great prices! Generous cuts! Super friendly! I will always make it one of my stops.
    Mimi, I have that very same purple wavy knit, unsewn from MT! Mine will be...

    1. Ooooh... feels like pajamas, but still has a certain elegance, right? Washes like a dream!


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