Thursday, October 17, 2013

Have I been busy? A quick update.

Oh, yes, you bet! Not all of it very interesting content for my readers, but mandatory, hard work that has been occupying many hours of my time.  Much of it has to do with wrapping up projects, clients, logistics, and home life as I begin a new professional venture, but I do want to share with you, and will gladly tell you about tomorrow's garment district adventure!  For those of you waiting for answers from me, I am working very diligently and with great focus to make sure everything gets all tied up efficiently as soon as is humanly possible!


  1. I wish that I could join the tour. The "hard stuff" is beyond my skills, but it would be cool to see the participants faces when you start to speakeasy. Enjoy. I will be at work daydreaming about being on the tour.

  2. "New professional venture".....??? I'll stay tuned for news about that!

  3. The screen print was so amazing, I had no idea you made it.
    It was wonderful meeting you, hope to see you again.

    1. Thank you, Toy! I just did a blog post about that shirt moments ago! (The most recent one)


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