Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I belong to a new movement.  Will you join me?  In a moment where we are so concerned about which things are "trending", I'm quickly bored by anything that can be easily Googled or Twittered, generating a mountain of image and text results, and so, I must rebel.

I want to start some anti-trends.  Some for me only trends.  The kinds of things I make which are clearly conversation starters.

Appropriate reactions: "I like that!"  or "Wow, do I hate that!" or  "Did you make that?" and even, "What the he** is that?" all qualify as suitable reactions.

My favorite one lately is when someone stands in front of me, trying to figure  out how I made it, or why I made it... like the perpetual shirt idea, which intrigued someone so much that she actually became my client! Join in. If you're quiet enough, you can hear that slightly off-beat rhythm in your head, can't you?

Guess what?

That's your own drummer!

See the burgeoning anti-trend movement in action by clicking this link...

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