Friday, February 13, 2015

Vanity sizing... why?

So, this past weekend, I stopped into the J Crew store at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Lured in by the garments on display, and their "artisanal" look, I picked out a few pieces to try on, although I wan't really shopping.

Well, you should really see it online, first. Hanging grosgrain ribbon detail... Hmmm...

$128 - Really?

Interesting, sorta "homemade" look... Hmmmm...

Distressed jeans - fit perfectly, and felt like my own, naturally distressed jeans. Hmm...

It says it's "my size", but it definitely felt too big...

So I tried these things on, and found a few problems.   First off, the thread loops on ALL of the shirts were too small and delicate for the buttons (as in, LITERALLY can't get dressed by myself), and the sizes for the pants, although given by waist measurements, were clearly vanity-sized, as I had three inches of room to spare at the waist, on natural-waist-level pants marked for MY waist measurement.

When asked how things were going by the dressing room attendant, I told her these things, and she did let me know that these were very common issues,  so it certainly isn't news to them...

What these things did give me, though, were ideas for things I can certainly make for myself.  Between Mokuba, Daytona, and B&J, there's a lot I can do!


  1. Wow, definitely oversized! It's lovely to get a glimpse of you, though. :)

  2. Definitely too big, but what a great idea! We sewists can definitely do better.


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