Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Teen's Perspective - I don't want holes in my jeans... And actually, now that I think about it...

"...I don't want jeans at all."

"What do you mean?  What would you wear instead? Don't you NEED jeans?" My 13 year old seemed nervous about this announcement.

"They're useful, sure... but they aren't making them for durability and/or function right now.  And what they are offering as fashionable, is too temporary, and stuff I don't like for myself.  Well, not today, anyway."

This photo was taken in a DRESSING ROOM of a store I was in recently.  These are NEW jeans. I feel old saying that, but man, I have jeans that look just like these from natural wear and tear...

"So, what would you wear instead?"

"Do you know what I mean when I say 'artificial obsolescence'?" I asked, as she climbed into bed for the night.

"I think so... Like when some business wants to convince you that something is outta style so you'll buy all new stuff?"

"Well, yes..." I replied.  "Here's why it's important to recognize that. Trends will continue to come and go. You don't have to pay attention to them at all. You can have your own sense of style, and never worry about whether or not it is IN STYLE or not.  It's YOUR style."

I'm decluttering my fashion ideas.

Much like Marie Kando's book, which is the current mega-popular choice for anyone trying to declutter with a system of rolling your clothes, making categories of tasks, and buying organizational systems and tools, when you could simply just decide to have less, but useful stuff. (Not that I'm any better at that than anyone else.) Personally, I think if you can clear the mess in your head, you can clear the mess in your home. As I sit here writing, the look of the area surrounding my creative work space completely contradicts what I am saying right now.  But, believe me, that won't continue to be the case...


Every time I look up at any type of advertising lately, someone is screaming about a sale. A sale is always trying to convince you of artificial scarcity. Time, money, products... Don't miss out!

Ads and magazines screaming about fashion trends? Artificial obsolescence. You're not cool enough!

My kid?  A real person. With a real life. Let's try to protect her from all that superficial stuff as much as we can.

"What do you wanna wear to your prom, Sweetie?"

Note: Why they have proms for 8th graders is just beyond me.

"Hmmph..." (shoulder shrug) "I dunno.  I don't really care." 

Guess what?  She doesn't.  End of conversation.

I'm currently in a highly creative mode, making things all the time.  I'll be showing them when they are both finished to my satisfaction and ready to be shown. Will I rush?  Nope.

So, coming soon, I will show you some of the things I've been working on, and what they required from the garment district or related services. This is gonna sound like a quirky, weird/boring list, but my daughter was in on all of them.  In ways you won't expect.  Stay tuned for...

Ball of yarn
Bamboo fabric
Stumpwork embroidery
Shisha mirrors

I'll show you pieces as they are ready to show themselves.

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