Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ever think about how weird it is... ?

Up next... a story explaining this picture...

...that in our beloved NYC, we can explore so many fabric and notions stores, stacked to the rafters with creative tools, supplies, and services, simply extract our sliver of inspiration from that abundant mess of choices, and take it all to your home/studio to create something unique with your own hands? 

I fear that this is unsustainable.

Over the holiday weekend, at a family cookout, we were lamenting the loss of a big Barnes & Noble bookstore  in our area, when I stopped to ask, "Now wait, when is the last time any of you bought something there?"   We all want to browse endlessly, and despite all of the reading I do, I hardly EVER actually SHOP in a Barnes & Noble.  And, really, as much as I love books, if even I'm not a reliable customer for them... really, who is?

So, with that, I say... if we don't shop and create and do, why should we expect this overflowing abundance of fabric stores to remain? 

Here's what we can do:

Visit Save the Garment Center  and follow at LEAST one of the suggestions, many of which are practically free...

Make something, or teach a class of your own.  When someone asks you "What Do You Do?", tell them the important and creative stuff, and follow up with "Why Do You Ask?"  Then, make sure you watch this wonderfully inspiring talk and creative sermon of sorts, given by the great founder and leader of Creative Mornings. 

In fact, I have already posted about Creative Mornings in two past blog posts, which you may remember, if you have read them (links below).

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