Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alive... and the inspiration of Koos Van Akker and childlike, playful prints

I had an opportunity to attend a private estate sale yesterday, where some lovely vintage pieces were being offered. The sight of those pieces changed my artistic perception, and while shopping later on, my brain zeroed in on some fabrics it might not have otherwise chosen. Invigorated by my adventure, I happened upon this wonderful cotton...

Spotted this fabric at Rosen & Chadick yesterday.

I love this fabric's "Willy Wonka" vibe. It calls out to be paired with denim, suede, or something wildly textural, as part of a unique signature piece.  If used as part of a bag, the person who carries it MUST have candy inside.

Anyway, backing up...

At the vintage clothing sale earlier in the day, I spotted some lovely Koos Van Akker pieces, who, coincidentally, was a longtime, faithful customer of Rosen and Chadick. 

Vintage sale piece
Closeup of pocket on Koos coat at the vintage sale
Peeking out at Rosen & Chadick... a Koos-like fabric.

There were many more beautiful clothing items at the private vintage sale, and one piece I'm not so sure I can live without, so I may contact the host of the sale to find out if anyone else has snagged it... 

Although... I must admit that I'm surprised no vintage retailer came along and negotiated a price to simply haul it ALL away!

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