Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yesterday's Speakeasy - the Unspoken Truth of the Garment District

What can I tell you about yesterday's Speakeasy tour?  Well, it was a lovely and intimate gathering of fabric enthusiasts, with my wonderful friend, Cindy, along to add her professional experience and expert guidance during the afternoon portion of the day. The participants were an absolute joy to lead, and our fabric finds were awesome!  While the regular secrecy was important before our excursion, as usual, I curated the best spots before this trip to see who has great stuff right now, and we actually bought the LAST yardage of some of the things we found, so no harm in you knowing some specifics!

From Paron Fabrics

One of the participants spotted this lovely stretch knit fabric at Paron, and, while trying to stifle my pangs of longing, I photographed it, stroked and tugged it... and alas, after she bought her yardage, some the rest of it came home with me!  Paron, by the way, is currently having a huge summer sale with deep discounts.

From Metro Textiles - delightful, tough, stretch fabric perfect for a slim skirt or shorts/pants.

At Metro Textiles, I found this funky fabric (above), and, no, there is no more.  There was no leaving it behind.  Let that be a lesson to ya, since frankly, you would have had to physically fight me for it anyway... 

and I woulda won...

But now, with this fabric at home, it appears I will have to fight my daughter for it.  We'll see who wins that battle.  It's tough, but she doesn't usually beg too much... so maybe... 

I said MAYBE.

Also note, Metro Textiles has prices you have probably only dreamt about for some of the fabrics of your dreams.  No lie.

While out and about, we saw some great cotton prints, priced well below $10/yd., Cindy showed the group some fantastic ponte knits, Metro Textiles had some things to die for you gotta see to believe, and some scuba that blew my mind, and there are some pretty amazing offerings in the trim stores, too. We also saw some pretty wild fur fabrics at Fabrics & Fabrics... and get this... in a store that HUGE, one of the tour participants, with no suggestion from me, bought yardage of a wonderful fabric I also fell in love with and already have at home, in my embarrassingly large stash! 

Hers was a deep pink grid, but same fabric!

Of course we visited other places, and found great things in those places, too, but if you wanna know everything, come along on the next one, or buy a map!

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