Thursday, June 18, 2015

Star Snaps

Update: March 13, 2015 June 18, 2015- Star Snaps is in a popular new location (316 W 39th street - street level) Nowadays, you can expect to wait on at least a short line! 

Originally posted 6/29/12, and I have happily used their services since...

What a find! We all know how the professional look of your garments can be limited by inadequate tools and findings, or your own skill in applying them. You can make a great garment, but, lets get real... a homemade or sloppy-looking closure can really sink a great piece. Unless you are particularly good at achieving artfully handmade-looking details, it is wise to outsource those tasks when you can.

The above photo is from their Yelp page, which confirms what I'm about to say here. (By the way, it seems no one can avoid the snarky Yelp comment that contradicts EVERYTHING you experienced at an establishment these days...)

While the business card (top of this post) says it all, here's the winning feature: You walk in. You are greeted kindly and professionally at the counter. You tell the employee what you need. If you don't have the vocabulary for it, (in my case), he guides you. You ask him how much it will cost you. He gets you to specify how many of which item you need installed, by showing you a vast array of snaps and other fixtures on big sample cloths hung conveniently on the surrounding walls of this small office/studio. When you give your answer, he adds his own professional expertise, which helps you to make a better decision.

In my case, the project was a western shirt I haven't made yet. How I wish I had known about this place when I embarked on my fruitless search for small, pearlized snaps for the ridicu-shirt I made last year. Star Snaps would have been the perfect choice. But I digress...

He asked how many snaps I would want to apply. I hesitated. He patiently indicated how many snaps a western shirt usually has, and where they are located. He knew to ask me whether there would be breast pockets. See? That's thinkin' ahead.

Anyway, the price? Incredibly affordable. So worth it.

During my time there, about three other patrons entered, and each was walked through his/her request with the same amount of patience and attention. Highly recommended. A+ for Star Snaps.

Star Snaps 
316 West 39th Street
(Street level)


  1. They are really great at Star Snaps. It's great to see them reviewed / featured here.

  2. Thanks, Mimi.

    I believe I've heard of this company before, but it's great to have a recent review.

  3. I like posts about stores that are not street level. Unless somebody tells you about the store, you don't even know it exists.

    Love your blog.



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