Monday, July 6, 2015

Heroes of the Garment District - Example #1: Amy Matto

Translation: Made in the USA

"Nowadays, a new designer would have to be crazy to design and make clothing in New York City."
- Everyone

Luckily, the Italian word for "crazy" is Matto. And if this designer is crazy, Amy Matto is crazy like a fox.  (And I am just crazy enough to check the translation.)

The wisdom of this company's choice to produce here in NYC's Garment district is beautifully conveyed in this article, featuring an interview with Ms. Matto by the International Business Times.

This isn't some harebrained scheme.  They've been here since 2009, and that's 6 years now! Having recently completed a round of hiring additional staff, this enthusiastic and energetic bunch is growing beautifully, while promoting their mission to expand their line, which is represented in boutiques across the country.

How do I know this?  Last week, after a warm email exchange with a member of the staff, I asked to come in and see the work they are doing. Yesterday, I was delighted to enter their clean, brightly lit showroom, shipping room and workspace, where rows of garments were beautifully displayed on racks amid a handful of busy design, administrative and production staffers.  

Great clothes? Yes.
Affordable? Yes.
Where can I buy them? Lots of places. 
Click here for a list of stockists.

Now, for the skeptics among you, I must add that this is not a sponsored post.  This is my genuine impression of a solid garment district player.  Make no mistake; from what I can see, the architecture of a great future for Amy Matto is represented here, and this is one I am very happy to support.

The line is very American in appearance, and I mean that in the best way. Great for the modern woman's lifestyle; you can wear it to work, wear it out afterward, and then wear it on the weekend...  It's workwear that works anywhere.  A classically youthful color palette, uncomplicated, well-made, and versatile in its appropriateness.

Here are some examples to fall in love with:

A close look at a a great fabric..

A whisper of a delicate dress, light as air...

An eyelet dress, perfect for summer...

A fur vest (FAUX!)... and so DREAMY for fall!

Get this... it has a matching jacket!

So, is it possible to make clothing here in New York City?  Apparently so!  Can the garment district still support it?  Apparently so! Will we support it as shoppers?  Time will tell!

And, if my opinion (or your own) isn't enough, they do have an impressive celebrity following as well.

The fall line looks really promising.  I look forward to watching them grow!

Amy Matto
(Showroom and New York HQ)
270 West 38th Street
Suite 1202
New York, NY 10018

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