Monday, July 6, 2015

Heroes of the Garment District - Example #3 - Boaz David of Human B

"I used to say I wanted a career like Donna Karan. But now, would I want to be Donna Karan? I'm not even so sure Donna Karan (the person) wants to be Donna Karan (the brand) right now."

-Me, last week...

Prophetic words before she left her eponymous label with no successor last week. I didn't know what was about to happen when I said it. Reviewing my lifelong professional objectives in what felt a bit like an impromptu professional therapy session, I sat in the office of Human B, talking about the fashion industry.

I've always loved designing, but never loved fashion.  I think it is important to have a hero - a person whose career you want to emulate. Do I dream of starting my own fashion line?  In theory, perhaps, but I have a sense of what it would require, and still find it daunting.

Do you dream of starting your own fashion line?  Well, dreaming is not enough.

There will be much to learn.  The practical stuff.  The potential pitfalls.  You'll need to be introduced to the people who can actually do the work. While I'm sure that it comes as no surprise to you that you can and will learn much of it the hard way,  I can absolutely promise you that you really don't want to learn in the hardest (too much work, missed deadlines, quality problems) and most painful (financial) ways.

My personal experience with this?  I have worked with and for some fantastic apparel and textile companies, and I have worked for some struggling and failing ones.  Over my professional career so far (about 30 years, because I started really young, not kidding), I have seen that so many budding designers and fashion professionals who want in but can't find their way, have questions, and there's no one to answer them with the designer/founder's best interests at heart.

Enter ... Boaz David of Human B

Through some professional relationships with sample/pattern/dressmakers I know, I had heard great things about David Boaz and seen evidence of his great consulting work before we had the opportunity to meet.  Last week, I arranged an appointment with him in his garment district office, and I sincerely appreciate the enlightening hour we spent talking about the district, how new designers are navigating it, how he is helping them achieve, and how his knowledge helps them get there. Confident, knowledgeable, and with a garment industry history of his own, Boaz is exactly the type of practical help a creative person needs to get started building a fashion brand.

So... Is now a good time to start a fashion brand?  

Well, I will tell you this... It is the perfect time for the RIGHT one.  That means looking at all of the predictable angles and making an educated analysis of the unpredictable ones.

Read Boaz's cautionary tale of how success threatened to kill a start-up.

Be sure to visit HumanB's website to look at the free resources as well.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  This is a profile of a business I have seen work with people who are ready to develop products and get things started!

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