Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Important news...

Are you a designer?  Do you work for one?  Do you freelance or take on special projects?  Have you worked with big names? Well, many of us have, and no, you are not alone if you've been taken for a ride.  If you been thinking it's just you, this article may be just the one you need to read to learn that it isn't just you!

Maybe a designer has called you, flattered you, told you were they impressed with your work, are in a bind, need the kind of help only you can provide... maybe there's a job in it for you... maybe big bucks!  They fed your ego... and then... abruptly, it ended.  Did you do something wrong?

Communication stopped.  Where's the money you were promised?

If you are in or associated with the garment industry, you need to know this article...

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