Monday, February 13, 2017

Museum at FIT - Paris Refashioned 1957-1968

This weekend, I visited the Museum at FIT again... see my recent post for the other exhibit, currently on view.

This one was lovely, and definitely took a scholarly approach to what could have been a very standard subject matter.  We all understand the 1950's-60's "look", and, love it or hate it, we can identify it, whether we are of the era or not.  But there was a great deal of food for thought here...

  • Studying the demographics and appealing to the lifestyles of the actual women with the ability to spend.

  • The role of Paris in the international fashion scene.

  • The importance of youth and innovation as partners in propelling fashion forward.

  • Challenging tradition, new designers, collaborative work, and the importance of ready-to-wear at the dawning of a new age in the fashion system.

Just one of the many gorgeous and well-made ensembles on display.

Well worth seeing.

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