Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Your Fabric Fused Is Easy, Getting It Home Is Another Story

My good friend Cidell of the sewing blog Miss Celie's Pants was in town this past week for a little Garment District shopping, and she stopped in at Quick Fuse & Cut on W. 36th Street to get several yards of fabric fused with interfacing. Read her adventures in fusing here, and if you aren't familiar with her blog do check it out. Cidell has one of the freshest, most original voices in sewing blogdom; I keep telling her I wish I was a literary agent and knew how to package her to land her a book deal. I'll do my best to post a review here of Quick Fuse & Cut soon.


  1. For those of us who suffer out here in the hinterlands, that trip to New York with the coat or jacket wool is mighty tempting...but you still have to drag it down and back. Now, if only someone would offer a service - like I could order fabric from places in the Garment District and the service would pick it up and run it over and get it block fused and then ship it to me? Genius.

  2. Wow -- I think I would have mailed the fabric home to myself.

    When I make the trip to NYC, I take along a roll of package tape, a Sharpie, a ball of twine, scissors, and those wire & tube handles they sometimes give you at stores to hold the handles of your shopping bag together. I also try to put at least 2 Priority Mail boxes (flat) in my suitcase.

    I shop during Day 1 and fill up my boxes at night at the hotel. I tape the boxes, address them, and tie them with twine so the handle holder can slip thru. Voila -- boxes with a handle for each hand. Sometimes I stack 2 boxes together & tie/use one handle. I can carry 4 large, filled boxes that way, no cab needed.

    First stop on Day 2 is the Post Office on 38th St., midway down the block between 7th & 8th Aves. I mail my boxes, letting the clerk snip the twine & give it back to me with the handles. I pick up more empty boxes, which I tie with the twine & pop a handle on. I shop awhile & then go back to the hotel for lunch & to ditch my empty boxes, which are ready to be filled that night (after more shopping).

    I realize that the timing of a trip has to work out so that the P.O. is open when you need it, but this shopping/shipping home system WORKS! And you don't scare TSA agents at the airport when you try to go thru security with 1001 metal sewing notions in your bags. I've been shopping/shipping like this for years, and I think it's the only way to fly when you're from out of town and you're on your own in the Garment District.

  3. Anon: this is such a brilliant idea! I love it. It's brilliant. Now have you sewn through this fabulous fabric stash you've acquired over the years?

  4. Muchas gracias! Next time you all gather in NYC give me jingle and I will buzz up for the fun!

  5. Fabric U, I'm working on it! I sew more crafts, home dec, gifts, and quilts than clothes -- although this blog & the Lindsay T blog inspire me... I actually bought enough yardage at Paron last trip to make something to wear someday! My latest project was a purse, using chain from Botani and a button from Joyce Trim. I can't find decent purse parts & beautiful buttons where I live, so I stock up when in the city.

    Re the shipping tip: You can also go to the hardware store and get vinyl tubing or foam pipe insulation, slit it the long way, and make a comfortable handle to go over your package twine. The trick is to get those bulky boxes arranged so you can carry them with 2 hands, yet still be in control of your purse & your tote bag while walking & shopping.

    I didn't mention UPS, but I think there are 3 stores in the area between Penn Station and Times Square, along Broadway and 7th. If you don't want to carry any boxes, UPS should be able to box & ship for you, for a fee.

    There's also the big main P.O. across from Penn Station @ 33rd. But I find that the P.O. on 38th is just as convenient. Get there early & the line will have 6 people. Get there at noon & it might have 26.


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