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What is the New York Fabric and Trim Show (aka the DG Expo), and... why do I care???

Note: If you regularly attend the FIT Design Source show that happens in January each year, it has been postponed this year, and a new date may be posted for the spring of this year.  So that is not a choice... but many of the same vendors come to the DG Expo/NY Fabric and Trim Show (described below).

Reposting again (yes, the 2nd again!), since the date approacheth  is nigh! -

CURRENT NY Fabric and Trim Show/DG EXPO is happening NOW

*Originally posted 12/10/12

Folks, I must tell you that I am so jazzed about this event after having a phone conversation about it this morning, I just HAVE to give you all the deets on the DG Expo (so named because it is based on the resources with low minimums featured in their designer's guide) NOW.

You may have heard of the DG Expo (and if you haven't, don't worry).  The official blurb is below:

"The DG Expo features a two day Textile & Trimmings exhibit for Designers, Small Manufacturers (producing Apparel, Accessories, Homefurnishings, other Sewn Products), plus Private Label Retailers, Fabric Stores, Event/Party Planners. Exhibitors are Wholesale Suppliers (including Mills, Converters, Importers, and Distributors) who have low minimums, and many have in-stock fabric and trims." 

This Manhattan event will take place on February 5 and 6, 2013  right now, and despite its wonderfully ambitious goal of linking up small designers with the information, suppliers and services they need, I have not seen/understood much advertising for the event, nor have I explored a clear explanation of what it is, or why it is even important.  Maybe I haven't been paying attention?  Well, it seems I've been asleep on this one.  I'd like to spare you the same fate. So here goes....

To make sure the information I share with you is accurate, this morning I picked up the phone, and called the contact telephone number for the event, where my call was warmly and enthusiastically received by Susan Power, who really filled me in on what makes this event so worthwhile, important, and valuable. Having grown from one ballroom last year to two this year, the DG Expo is growing and maturing into an industry treasure for the small designer.

So, why would you go?

The DG Expo is not a retail fabric buying opportunity.  It is for businesses.  This is the one-stop-shop relationship-building and wholesale pricing information station you need to cost/produce your items accurately and efficiently, which leads to selling them profitably. Admission to the event itself is free, but there are fees for individual seminars.

*Note - seminars and networking have already happened for this one.  Today is a shopping day, primarily.  On the Monday of the event, there are no exhibits.  If you have lots of questions, Monday will be the most valuable day for you to attend, since it is a heavy networking and seminar day.  (So plan for next time) It is the day to get familiar, get comfortable, attend seminars, and get all of your questions answered.  The seminars are wonderfully priced, considering how elusive so much of this information can be!

And what are low minimums?  Well, that could be a minimum quantity of something, like a roll of fabric or an amount of yardage, or a minimum dollar amount you would need to buy to benefit from wholesale buying status. And I'm talking wonderfully low minimums for some of them, like amounts I've spent on yardage for my own private clients.

If you want to attend, there are things you can do now to get ready.  First, do your research.  If you aren't clear on it yet, figure out what you need, how much you will need, and what you want to do. Learn to correctly name the services, fabrics and supplies you need. Bring business cards with you, and be ready to exchange them!  This will also help to keep you from feeling intimidated by the much  more experienced and well-known manufacturers who regularly attend the event.  Watching them interact, however, can be a great learning experience for you, as you grow!

But... Let's say you aren't a small manufacturer quite yet, or you are still studying, planning, thinking and dreaming... not sure what you need yet?  Here's what you need to do.  Come early and/or stay late to get the best quality interaction with others.  Attend the seminars on Monday.  Keep in mind that everyone at the event is there wanting to do business, so be ready to engage and participate in a mutually time-efficient and business-oriented way. Beyond that, the DG Expo site is still a wealth of information, links and resources, in ADDITION to the event.

Who will you meet there?

Susan Power is the leader who brings her industry experience, resources, and expertise to the event, along with other presenters and exhibitors.

Follow this link to a list of the suppliers. Look at that list for the names of some of the businesses I've featured on the blog!


Hotel Pennsylvania
Penntop Ballroom + Skytop Ballroom, Penthouse
18th Floor, 401 Seventh Avenue 
(between 32nd & 33rd Street) 
New York City

Whether you attend or not, you can also purchase the Designer's Guide or the Sourcer's Guide to help you find your way through all of the info we know the garment district is so skilled at keeping to itself!

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