Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wrapping up...

Looks like my interests in things Japanese (and Asian, in general), literature, and shoemaking, have somehow converged...

One of my favorite authors, Maya Angelou, wrote an autobiographical novel, entitled All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes.  I own it, and have not yet made it through, since this book's time has not yet come in my life ( I have quite a few books like that, awaiting their moment on my bookshelves - some of them signed!), but the power of that title has always resonated with me.
According to Angelou, the title of Traveling Shoes comes from a spiritual.[13] African-American scholar Lyman B. Hagen reports that the title comes from the spiritual "All God's Chillun Got Wings", Angelou's "clever reference"[11] to her ongoing search for a home while being aware of "our ultimate home".[11] The title demonstrates Angelou's love of African-American spirituals and deep sense of religion that appears in all of her works. Critic Mary Jane Lupton finds the appearance of the word "traveling" purposeful, since it emphasizes the journey theme, one of Angelou's most important themes of the book. Like Angelou's previous volumes in her series, the title contributes to its plot and thematic impact.
Ultimately, it appears to me, that you can make any kind of shoe you want, but the challenge is getting the right soling materials and the right professional to adhere your soles properly for you, to get a fully functional, and superior pair of shoes out of the deal.  This is absolutely not something I am considering as a business venture.  I will selfishly undertake this effort for myself and my interested loved ones.

Yesterday, a friend of my daughter's (a teenage boy) wore high heels to an event they were both attending. If you live in New York City, you know that yesterday was a day that REQUIRED snow boots.  So I thought about this for a while, wondering... why is his shoe choice so important on a day like today? And, what I came up with, was really, why is it important to anyone, on any day?  Regardless of your position/opinion on his shoe choice, what governs it for the rest of us?

So, on my shoe journey, I'll share that the shoes pictured below are wildly interesting to ME, made by a Japanese company, and offered here for sale in the US... (link below photo).  If you are wondering why they have split toes, the details can be found here.

Now, if that isn't thrilling enough (I consider them thrilling), there is also this...

Bojagi (Korean) or Furoshiki (Japanese) both refer to wrapping techniques used for gift presentation.  This idea, applied to shoes?  So interesting!

Note to self: keep in mind, eco-friendly and exciting way to present a gift to fellow appreciators.

Now to put this knowledge to work.  I will update on this specifically, but I can't tell you when...

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