Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New York Fabric and Trim Show - Updated!

You won't believe me when I tell you this, but the first picture below what you are reading is... fabric.  


It is.

There are no gems in the photo below.  This is a simple photo of the fabric, laid on the table. I took this picture with my phone. The fabric is a digital print.  I don't know if this print has a name, but I've decided to call it "Bling", and frankly, you've gotta see it to believe it.

Elliott Berman

I've been to this show (formerly called "DG Expo") before, but this time was different. I visited the show on Thursday (1/19), looked at the offerings of many businesses familiar to me from previous shows, noted the absence of many others I have seen over the years, but had very interesting conversations and creativity-fueling introductions and idea bubbles with businesses I had not encountered before, that really got my wheels turning. The fairly light attendance made the vendors hungry to talk and engage, and anyone visiting the show benefitted from that.

I'll just have to summarize the rest at this point, or this post will become a novel!

I ADORED so many of the fantastic offerings from Elliott Berman. The two fabrics below offer just a sliver of the great fabrics they have to offer.  Some sold out at the show VERY quickly, but believe me, there are still enough other choices to light anyone's fire.

Elliott Berman

Elliott Berman

While this was the true highlight of my experience there that day, I also discovered a few businesses I did not know about before. 

This post is being written gradually.  I am going through my notes and goodies, posting as I go... Visit again later, and there will be more updates!

Benno's Buttons

I found an interesting Texas-based business, Benno's Buttons and Trimmings, which had a really intriguing arrangement of steampunk buttons on the display table.  Beyond the steampunk collection, they had a lovely and interesting button assortment that drew me in.  While there is no shortage of button businesses in the garment district, the uniqueness of their offerings, friendliness of the vendor, new website, and tiny minimal order requirements make them particularly appealing to small businesses, and businesses outside of New York City. Be sure to visit the website, to get a feel for how well curated their button offerings are.

Rainbow Leather

Psst...They have a showroom in College Point, Queens, too... (By appointment... and that only matters to those who dare to venture, but I find it kinda exciting! )  Check out the website, and you will see that they do a lot with textures, painting, and perforations. Really interesting samples at the display table, and they are very serious about what they do!

Planet Bling

Normally, I really wouldn't care about this kind of stuff, but this business (in addition to having some really dynamic personalities representing them) had some very high quality transfer work on the display pieces exhibited at their vendor table.  Intricate detail, in vibrant colors, navigating tight corners and curves...  For promotional goods, patches and stuff, I would sincerely consider them.  Visit their website here.

Yara African Fabric

What a lovely display of sturdy African fabrics, which are hitting a trendy high note right now.  Website is absolutely worth visiting.

Basic Adhesives

Interesting for a variety of reasons.  Serving the handbag, belt, footwear, and leather good production process, this company provides environmentally friendly adhesives and edge stains.  As a sponsor of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, they have plenty to share about what it takes to make a great one.  On display, was a recommended book by Emily Blumenthal, entitled "Handbag Designer 101" and an offer to try their adhesive and edge stain sample kit, which is only $24.95 INCLUDING shipping and handling.  Great and enthusiastic sales presence, from a confident, and, by all appearances, knowledgeable source!  Visit their site for more info!

So... in a nutshell, worthwhile and very interesting visit.  More information than I can take in, and creative fuel for thought!

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