Sunday, January 15, 2017

In the District...

So last week, I had the pleasure of strolling around in the district, getting some errands done, and checking out some regular haunts. 

My first random sighting of the day was this sign, next to an empanada cart, with the slogan "best empanada ever", and some very unique artwork... That's quite a claim.  If I am feeling like having one, I may try the next time I pass by, because I am an empanada lover, and they are only $2 each.  I'm generally leery of food carts, but they have the guts to have a FB page, which is a bold invitation for feedback, so I feel they must be quality oriented. Looks like 5 stars is the commonly held opinion. I will try one. Has anyone else had one?

My next stop, was LoLou buttons, since I lost a button on my beloved Miyake coat, and I needed to replace it.  They no longer have the buttons I used, so I needed to look for new ones.  I found a button I love, and, without missing a beat, the owner looked at my choice and said to said to me, "Just replace the top button, and leave the others.  It will be perfect.  It is, and I thank him.

Then, while walking down the street, I ran into one of the owners of Rosen & Chadick, where I originally bought the fabric to make the coat.  We hugged, said our hellos, and she stroked my coat with love.

A picture doesn't do it justice...

Then, there were scraps of this breathtaking leather at Day to Day, which I bought as a heavily discounted pile of small pieces.  The leather is a a beautiful soft purple color, with raised silvery flowers, which is not conveyed in the photo above.  What will it be used for?  Shoes.  How long will it take?  Only the good Lord knows!  You'll know when I get there, because I'm sure I won't be able to shut up about them once they are done!

Bra closure
And this bra closure I bought at SIL Thread  for a special custom bra I'm making.  I'd share more info, but it may be in the TMI category, so I'll just keep that one to myself...

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