Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I laced myself up...

So, here's the skirt to go with my Yeah, Baby shirt (also known as the Ombré Hombre shirt). Topstitched and casually top-of-knee length, it is just what I want to wear. I decided that I really only want to wear skirts and dresses for the warmer months this year, so that's where I am nowadays... My dress form is flatter than I am, but kinda close to my size, so this is how I am showing it to you. On me, it is completely smooth.
A hearty cotton twill, very denim-like in durability, in a shade of red I desperately needed.
A durable pocket, just right for a MetroCard and whatever  sliver of paper I might wanna carry..
My color story

Special credit to the following vendors:

Rosen & Chadick for dark (my new neutral) red cotton twill.
Elliott Berman Textiles for the very cool T-shirt fabric
Star Snaps for both the grommets and professional insertion
Metro Textiles, because many years ago, Kashi (owner) used to buy some factory notions as well, and I bought a huge roll of poly tape that holds lightweight edges and seams nice and even for me.  You can't see it in my picture, because it is hidden on the inside...

I went to Daytona Trimming for my first lacing idea, holding up the illustration on my fabric for color agreement/harmony, and agonized over a few almost right shades and weights of cords for laces, ultimately deciding on one that I considered just right... The staffer frowned a bit, and asked me if I was sure.  I was.  Later, when looking at the nearly finished shirt, I wasn't so sure anymore.  I knew didn't want ribbons, but the cord I bought felt too thin... Hmmm.... Nothing that says "little girl".  Not going for "sexpot", either.  Something that looks intentional, industrial, artsy, athletic, and strong...

Then, a random fact popped into my head.  I live in what is arguably the fashion sneaker capital neighborhood of New York City.  Just an aside here, but my neighborhood is actually, officially a test market for high-end blinged-out sneaker fabulousness. So, without a doubt, there are bound to be shoelaces that are exactly what I need!

Ready-to-wear similar options are largely absent on the 'net... so maybe I'm in the minority for liking this one?

That's okay.  It is just for me, after all, and I'm the only one who has to like it!  Well, if people start throwing tomatoes at me while I walk down the street in it, I may reconsider.  Generally speaking, everything I make gets a few glances and/or comments for a year or two... and then people LOVE it three years later.  So, either I'm ahead of the curve, or simply out-of synch. We'll see if that's the case here, too. I have a bit of ManRepeller induced "fashion-phobia/philia" these days. After all, sometimes I just love something other people hate.  Or vice-versa. We've gotta let that be okay.

My new shirt was inspired by this picture and tutorial, if you are wondering  how to make one, and need some direction.

My skirt is a variation on an old Vogue pattern (9773 - not similar enough to the original pattern to merit its inclusion here).  I've been using the old, significantly altered tissue forever (or since 1997, judging from the pattern envelope). I like princess seams in my skirts, so I can just mold the skirt to my (practically nonexistent) hips and rear.

Anyway, the ensemble makes me happy.

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