Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let's say you've got 20 bucks and an event to go to...

Oh come on... we've all been there!  The event is tomorrow.  Or this weekend. You have "nothing" to wear.  Payday is a bit too far away, and you haven't budgeted for this.  You still wanna look fabulous, current, and creative. What to do...?

Here's where you can go:

Top Trimmings - Grab a flower, and put it in your hair or on your dress/jacket whatever.  Match an interesting color of shoes you already own.

Daytona Braids and Trimming.  You can take something simple and boring, and jazz it up, with a bit of creativity.
Something I did for a dressmaking client - as posted on my other (older) blog on dressmaking.

Fabrics Garden Let's call their pricing "arbitrary".  And I mean that in the most respectful way.  This weekend, for example, I'm gonna make an $8 dress.  At least, I'm pretty sure it will be a dress.  I'll show you when I know!

Trumart... or is it Truemart?  Even Google doesn't know the answer to this question!  The signage on the store reads "Truemart", but other sources indicate otherwise.  Who cares, right?  I wrote a post on this store many moons ago, but there have clearly been some changes since.  While still packed to the brim, I shopped there comfortably with about 4 other customers yesterday, finding exactly what I needed, at exactly the price I was willing to pay.  Prices are clearly still negotiable there, and the other shoppers made their budget consciousness known, but the fabric quality of their offerings has significantly improved compared to my last trip inside.  No longer feeling like closeouts, but more like "lucky finds", the pickins' are much plumper now, and the variety more interesting.

Believe me, there's much more you can do.  You are only limited by what your imagination (or fellow bloggers and creatives) can dream up.  People don't really sew to save money anymore, but for what you can create, the opportunity to really do something fun and fabulous for yourself is irresistible.

And if you're in NYC right now, it is cold and raining.  Bummer for Memorial weekend plans today, but fire up the machine, and you can make magic.  Report back if you do!


  1. Antoinette and I were in Truemart last Sunday morning. We both had fun, even though I was the only one who purchased (um, 9 yards)! I was impressed at how the fabric was organized. and that they had so much fabric that I wanted. I could easily have bought more. They were even helpful about the FedEx place being a block down the street so I could ship it home. I was there in May 2012 for PR weekend and at that time the store was mobbed (maybe 10 people) so it was hard to walk around. For 2 people on a Sunday morning, it was perfect.

  2. At Truemart, it's good to know your fabric. I like David, the young man who works there with his mother (I think). I remember when he used to work alongside his grandfather, who has since died.

    They're not cheap, but if I were looking for trims I'd have to stop in at Mokuba on 39th Street, M & J Trimming on 6th Avenue and Tinsel Trading on 37th Street.

    New York Sewer

  3. Mokuba is great. You can see a recent article I wrote for Vogue Patterns magazine on that business. M&j is also a great choice. These aren't the budget choices, though!

  4. What about Trims de Carnival on 38th St., going towards 5th? They popped up several years ago, and last I looked (fall of '12), they were still there. There is a LOT of "bling" in that store. I don't know exactly how their prices might compare item-by-item with other stores, but they're a little off the beaten District path over there (near where the wonderful So Good Ribbon used to be), so one can hope. I always think of pageant gowns when I'm in that store. Downside -- I think they're closed Sat. & Sun. So hopefully this event you're mentally planning for doesn't require weekend shopping. :)

    East Coast Trimming (on 38th) and B&Q (various locations) are 2 other fairly budget-friendly places to try, too.

  5. Thank you for your comment, QuiltB! I have been to them all - I just featured the ones that speak to me, and when/where I understand what can be made with the things they supply! I have always made purchases in the stores I feature, so I can say with certainty that I find their offerings useful. Your comments are a valuable contribution to this post.


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