Thursday, May 2, 2013

Schmalberg's Custom Fabric Flowers

I've written an article on this business for the June/July issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine.

Click through to read it!  When directed to the magazine itself, there are sample pages, and my article is free to read online. Then, if so inclined, go 'head and buy yourself a copy to read the rest of the issue!

Update: Martha Stewart thinks they're great, too!


  1. I love the trend of craft meets fashion, the three dimensional nature of the result. I thought Patricia should have won 11th year Project Runway because she creates from the beginning. Just like vintage has become fashionable, craft and homemade will have their day...only they will proabably call that style something sassy.

  2. I found this article quite by accident and fell in love with the idea of adding this store to my list of places to visit while in NY. Since my school is looking to do a group tour to NY in the next year, I showed this to my instructor and she's hoping to add this to our itinerary. THANK YOU for writing this little gem up and I hope you share more of these jewels with us in your blog.


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