Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sposabella Lace

Have I died and gone to heaven?  Apparently not, if you're reading this.  Unless of course, you're using a "cloud" reader... Ba dum ching!

Before I go on, let me just show you this... (click the link)

Go ahead, click it, and come back.

I'll wait...

No really, I'll wait...

When you walk into the brick and mortar store, reviewed on this blog in the past, the owner, Frank Sena will likely be there to meet you.  I must say, the garment district is a less warm and fuzzy place now than it once was, and you get the feeling that there is a bit of fatigue with the endless browsing, questions, and dreamers wandering in.  But then, when you get a layer deeper, a true interaction begins.

According to Frank, Sposabella holds the record for being the only garment district fabric store serving in same location continuously. We know the real estate leasing woes that have plagued so many over the years, and somehow, Frank has managed to avoid playing that game. So many of these stores are family businesses - fathers, sons, grandfathers who skillfully learned the trade, make great deals, and sell quality goods. They take the embroideries and surface treatments on the laces and nettings very seriously.

Who should go to Sposabella?  You are likely a bride, dressmaker for, a mother of, a bridesmaid, or someone getting ready for a very big formal event that merits the expense.  Your pockets need not be excessively deep, but Sposabella is not for the bargain hunter. It is also a great place for tiaras and veils, whether you sew, or don't sew at all.  Because it is mainly bridal, you won't find a wide range of colors.

Let's take silk tulle as an example.  Frank ushers me over to the counter, and pulls a small bolt from the glass case.  "Now, there's what people will sell as silk tulle.... I mean, you don't really know the difference, right?", as he guides me to feel the fabric in my hands, "... and then there's actual silk tulle."

It was magical.  Now, I generally don't fall for the Them vs. Us argument too easily.  Everyone in the garment district does it.  Everyone wants you to think they know something the other guys doesn't. Don't get me wrong, Frank is definitely a salesman...

But he also has the goods to back it up.  Look around.  The stuff is beautiful!

And here's another thought.  Lace for men.  A beautiful - and even expensive lace can be the magic element of a shirt when strategically applied to show off its beauty.  Look to this fabulous post by Peter for inspiration!


  1. I almost did not return. I'm sure my neighbors were envious when they heard my gasps, moans, and shortness of breath....LOL!

  2. If you put them into Google Maps, there's a good picture of the interior of the store there.


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