Monday, May 13, 2013

NYC notions store review: Top Trimmings... (This store is cool)

Top Trimmings
Wholesale and Retail (Custom production, too)
228 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018

There are stores in the garment district I pass regularly, and have never venture inside.  Despite recommendations from STGD friends and others, I had not been specifically moved to visit this store, since I am not a person who uses a multitude of flashy trimmings.  The feathers and sparkles in the windows had never lured me in.  But then, because I am working out the design details for a bag I am making, I decided to take a look, and found all sorts of fun stuff.

Of particular interest were these lace neckline decorations (also in black).  I can see ways to use them beyond bridal.

I walked in, with a bit of time to spend, and saw all of the fun, unexpected stuff!  There's also an arrow pointing up, inviting you to go upstairs.  Follow that arrow.  Fun bridal stuff up and more up there.

The store is quite affordable, not high-end, and it looks like it appeals to the costumer/artist types.  At least, that's who I saw when I was in there.  No pressure or aggressive salespeople while browsing.  Just fun.


  1. I've picked up a few baubles, bangles, & bright shiny beads there. Isn't the arrow (right inside the door) pointing up to Shine Trim on the 2nd floor? They have a website, too. And they're affiliated with B&Q Trim's 2 locations on 38th. It's trim city in Midtown! These are exactly the kinds of things I can't easily find outside of TGD -- certainly not in the same wide variety laid out before me.

    The prices at Top Trimmings ~might~ be negotiable. I'm just sayin'...based on an experience there with a quantity of one item I was sourcing. When I turned to leave, the price suddenly dropped. Alas, not far enough, but it did drop. This was in '11? Or so.

    1. I dont't know if the upstairs has a different name. I saw no indication of that, but anything's possible! Anyway, the arrow indicated "2nd floor", which would lead me to believe there is one owner. Cool additional info, QuiltB!

  2. Shine's address is the same as Top Trimmings, and I'm pretty sure they're a separate name up there. I think it's on a sign inside near the stairway, if not outside in an upper window too. Check Shine's website under "Contact Us." All Shine/B&Q stores and their addresses are listed.

    There was some trim shop shuffling on 38th & 39th in the last two years, and I realized that the business cards I had picked up on previous trips no longer applied. The name "Shine" popped up sometime between my trips, but I was in town the week B&Q opened their second location, across from Joyce Trim on 38th. That was June of 2012. I thought it was odd that they'd have 2 stores in 2 blocks on the same street (100 block and 200 block), but both B&Q stores were still open last fall when I was back -- as well as Top Trimmings and Shine, one on top of the other.

    I don't know what business or financial affiliations all these places may have with each other, if any. All I know is there's a LOT of trim on those 2 streets, upstairs & downstairs, & I'm happy for it!


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